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Antenna Installation
We install the HD-Digital T.V. Antennas so that you can receive the HD-Digital T.V. Stations being broadcast in the Cincinnati Metropolitan Area!!!!

For just $319.00 with our basic installation we will:

1) Provide the antenna (specifically selected for your home) and all material and labor to install it. 
2) Provide the Coax cable to connect the new antenna to your existing Coax cabling.
3) Connect up to 1 existing T.V. outlet. Additional outlets are $20
4) Set up digital televisions or converter boxes to receive the digital T.V. stations (converter boxes are not included).
5) We will put up a ladder with a temporary antenna and hook it up to one of your TV's so that you can see how great the picture is and see all of the stations you will receive. If you like what you see we will install the permanent antenna. If not, we will take the temporary antenna down and you owe us nothing (the reason we can do this is that we have only had 6 people who did not want the antenna).
6) If you are not 100% satisfied with the installation for any reason, before we leave, we will remove the equipment and you will be charged nothing.

We accept credit cards for an additional 3% fee.