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Top 10 things to know about Locally Broadcast TV:

1) The signal received from your local TV stations OTA (Over The Air) is a better signal than the compressed signal
    received from satellite or Cable TV.
2) Broadcast Digital TV is crystal more snow or jumping pictures.
3) The HDTV channels also transmit in 5.1 surround sound.
4) The Locally Broadcast TV Stations can have up to 5 sub-channels. Most already have 2 or 3 and all of the PBS
    channels already have at least 3.

5) Of the top 100 prime time TV shows 95 are broadcast on Local Broadcast TV...Think about it.

6) You do not need permission from your Home Owners Association (HOA) to install an outdoor antenna as long as
    you follow a few simple rules.
7) No monthly bill.
8) There has never been a rate increase on Broadcast TV.
9) You can earn $2.25 dollars every day once you cut the cable/satellite. ($70 average cable satellite bill divided by
    31 days)
10) And last but not least You will NEVER have to call customer service again. Need I say more!

Call the Antenna Cowboy at 513-400-4388 (HDTV) and ROUND UP THE SAVINGS!!!!!!!!!

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 - This site explains what OTA (Over The Air tv is) 
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