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What the Customers are saying about the Cowboy!!!

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My original omidirectional antenna was OK. The Cowboy tried every conceivable way to make it work better in a new location. After patiently trying to improve my reception, he put in his comparison. Let the pro do the work and count on savings. You couldn't ask for a more conscientious or honest business person.

Darrell in Leabanon

Quote of the day: "I had Satellite TV and was either watching network TV or Netfilix. That is like paying someone to come to my house each night and set up a buffet for dinner and then ordering pizza to be delivered" 

John in Florence


If you need help getting TV signals from an antenna, I highly recommend The Antenna Cowboy. He did everything he said he would do and much more. It was worth every penny, and it was nice dealing with someone you can trust.

Thanks again,

Darwin in Georgetown


Antenna Cowboy was able to come to our house on short notice and was even able to make it earlier because he finished the previous job early. He performed the advertised service by putting up the antenna and first showing us the channels we would get before we committed to having it installed. We were of course happy with the result and told him to install it. He was very professional and courteous and went above and beyond to install additional cable outlets for us. We could not have been happier. We now get around 30 channels interruption free vs. our indoor antenna which got about 20 and was always cutting out.

Morgan in Hyde Park
I was going quickly crazy, having nothing but channel 9 in my basement family room. Two other companies had said they could put up an outside antenna for me, and BOTH companies completely stood me up - one has never returned any phone calls. The Antenna cowboy not only came at the agreed upon time - he showed up early! He did exactly what he said he'd do, and cleaned up the area when he was done. My days of sewing on a TV tray in an upstairs bedroom are done! The Antenna Cowboy is my hero!!!

Linda in Blue Ash


We live in a Dayton suburb, when we contacted the Antenna Cowboy he offered to come up here, which is honestly a little out of his normal market.  He could not guarantee the number of channels that we would get but he made us this offer.  "I'll come up there and install the antenna, if you don't like the results, I'll take it down and I won't charge you anything"  Well, we were used to getting 3 or 4 channels with our TV top antenna and now we have almost 40.  The money was well spent and the Antenna Cowboy is a great guy.  Very thorough and an overall nice guy.  If you are looking to save some money, cut the cable, and dodge the satellite give the Antenna Cowboy a call.  It's the best $300.00 we've spent in a long time.

Pat in Beavercreek

had the Antenna Cowboy install his HD-Digital TV Antenna and it is Great! I get 54 TV channels and the clearness is better than what I was getting from Satellite TV.

The Antenna Cowboy did what he said he would do and is an honest and sincere person. Not many people left in this world like him. I highly recommend him.

Ps. I was watching TV with my wife and joked with her that we made $2.25 today and we will make $2.25 tomorrow and the day after that and the day after that because we don't have the Satellite TV bill anymore.

Jerry in Goshen


Before you came out we got 3 channels...maybe, on a good day. Since then we get 45+ channels and they look amazing and the best part...I don't have to pay for Satellite TV.

James in Amelia


We love our Antenna Cowboy antenna!!!

Thank you,

Lisa in Mariemont